concept design for a brand-book for clothing brand INTI knitwear
Concept for brand book of ’20 years of  Inti’. 
A clothing brand from Den Bosch, Holland. Showing their top collection items from 20 years of Inti.
Inspired by film noir ‘femme fatales’ and classic movie stills. We wanted to drawn the attention to the clothing that is in contrast with the back ground.A collage technique Express a feeling, a mood by usage of colour and specific typography A woman in action, with a certain appearance. Not posing.
Inti is owned by two peo­ple: Leon and Anita
An Inti pullover is not just a sweater. It is the sum total of mate­ri­als, man­ual labour and the tri­umph of free­dom mul­ti­plied by alliance. The end result moulds itself to its owner’s iden­tity. You feel com­fort­able with and in it, entirely unique.
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